Sydney Obstetrician Gynaecologist

A lot is changing and you need to plan for the months ahead. My priority is to keep you healthy and positive, relaxed and reassured every step of the way. Whether you are starting a family, throughout the 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, during the final days of pregnancy and once your baby is born.

Starting a Family

If you are trying to become pregnant and it’s taking over 12 months for you to conceive, now’s a great time to meet up. We’ll have a chat about how to stay healthy and happy as you continue trying to conceive.


Just Pregnant: 1st Trimester

1 – 12 weeks

Time for your first visit as a pregnant couple.


You’ll be feeling very excited and perhaps a little apprehensive not knowing quite what to expect – apart from a baby. A lot is changing and now’s the time to plan for the months ahead.


Keeping Healthy: 2nd Trimester

13 to 28 weeks

It’s approximately your second trimester and if you had morning sickness earlier, you may be feeling much better. Learn how to keep yourself and your baby healthy during these vital mid-term months.


Preparing for the new arrival: 3rd Trimester

29 to 40 weeks

You’ll probably be feeling ‘really pregnant’. Lack of sleep and backaches combine with the excitement of preparing for the new arrival.


Any Time Now

37+ weeks

Your baby could arrive any day. Now’s the time to make sure everything’s ready for the newest member of your family.


Once Your Baby is Born

Your bundle of joy has arrived safely!

Congratulations and well done. At your six week visit we will discuss the birth and how you’ve been coping since.


Going home with your baby

CONGRATULATIONS on the delivery of your baby!!

The arrival of a new child is a big event in the life of new parents and the time that follows can bring many highs and lows.

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